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5, 6, 7, 9, 10 and 18 Speed models in stock.
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We offer a complete line of Spicer truck transmissions wholesale priced and delivered to your door.

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Be sure to have the data tag information off your transmission when calling to get the most accurate price available.

With our Transmission exchange, we even pay for the core return. All transmissions are sold exchange or outright and may require a core charge. All models are available and ready to ship Worldwide.

We set the unit up to your specs prior to shipping to avoid any modifications needing to be done on your end. When your transmission arrives it will be a matter of installing it, filling it and driving away.

Medium-Duty Transmissions Available:
EASY SHIFT 5 Speeds and EASY SHIFT 7 Speeds.

Spicer Heavy Duty Transmissions Available:
PRO SHIFT 6 Speeds.
PRO SHIFT 7 Speeds.
PRO SHIFT 9 Speeds.
PRO SHIFT 10 Speeds.
PRO SHIFT 18 Speeds.

Spicer Auxiliary Transmissions Available:
AMO1750-4C Auxiliary Transmission.
APO1750-4C Auxiliary Transmission.
ATO1750-4C Auxiliary Transmission.
AMO1750-4D Auxiliary Transmission.
APO1750-4D Auxiliary Transmission.
ATO1750-4D Auxiliary Transmission.

Buy with confidence from the industry leading Spicer transmission specialists.

Spicer Transmissions 5, 6, 7, 9, 10 and 18 Speed For Sale
Total Drivetrain.
Total DriveTrain
Total Drivetrain.
Total DriveTrain Supply.
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